Broadband security 'important for people using mobile devices' header image

Published: 27th Jun 2011

Satellite broadband could be the perfect solution for smartphone and tablet users who want a fast and reliable service to which they can connect their devices.

However, they may also want to take heed of comments made by director of regional product marketing at Norton Con Mallon, who discussed security risks.

He claimed cyber criminals are increasingly focusing their efforts on mobile devices.

Although the percentage of attacks on these products is currently "relatively small in the absolute numbers", Mr Mallon pointed out that the sector is growing as it is "all about the money".

To combat the problem, he urged internet users to be "more involved, more attuned, more knowledgeable" when it comes to basic security measures.

The expert added that people must "start to take security seriously on their smartphones and on tablets".

Although a growing number of Brits are using tablet computers, it seems many will still use desktop machines to access their Tooway 10 connection.

Marketing director at Roddy McLean recently claimed PCs are not yet being replaced by the portable alternatives.