Worcestershire businesses suffer with slow broadband header image

Published: 19th Aug 2013

The internet is an increasingly important part of the business world and having to cope with slow and unreliable connections can severely hinder a company's performance. 

It appears this is the case in Worcestershire, where local firms have lodged a large number of complaints about the issue with the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB). 

FSB chairman for the region Ken Wigfield told Worcester News: "Over the last few years it’s fair to say we've been bombarded with complaints over this."

He cited a local businessman who was forced to drive to a friend's house each day just to use a reliable internet connection as an example of the problems poor broadband can cause.

Mr Wigfield added that the benefits reported by those firms who do have access to super-fast services makes the problem even more apparent.

"We've already had businesses leave or refuse to join Worcestershire due to a lack of super-fast broadband speeds," he told the newspaper. 

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Posted by Craig Roberts