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Published: 20th Aug 2013

The Oxfordshire village of Horton will not be included in the rollout of super-fast broadband in the county. 

BT and Oxfordshire County Council recently revealed details of a £25 million project to bring high-speed internet access to 90 per cent of the region, but residents of Horton will miss out, the Banbury Guardian reports. 

Martin Crabtree, a spokesperson for the council, told the newspaper the village's omission is due to it being located in a "white area" of the broadband rollout map and this means super-fast services will not be available. 

He added the project will see homes and businesses in Horton receive a minimum speed of at least two Mbps, although this is likely to be little consolation to people who had been hoping for connections of 20 Mbps or more as a result of the scheme.

According to the Banbury Guardian, just under a third (30 per cent) of residents in the village rely on the internet for their livelihood, which means improved broadband services would have a massive impact on their every-day lives. 

One such person is novelist Felix Francis. He told the newspaper: "It would seem careless not to bring super-fast broadband to the village. I use broadband for all my research which I do online. The broadband here especially on a week day can be really slow. 

"It would be a great disadvantage to the children of Hornton if we don't have super-fast broadband."

Residents of the village are said to be particularly angry that nearby settlements such as Alkerton and Horley will be included in the rollout even though, unlike Horton, they do not have any schools. 

The problems experienced in this Oxfordshire village are not unique as many areas are set to fall into the final ten per cent that will not be covered by BT and the government's Broadband Delivery UK project. 

An alternative for people living in such locations is satellite broadband, which can now provide speeds of up to 20 Mbps.

Posted by Craig Roberts