Suffolk local authority has broadband concerns header image

Published: 30th Aug 2013

A local authority in Suffolk has expressed concerns about the standard of broadband in some parts of the county. 

Suffolk Coastal District Council’s Scrutiny Committee is worried the region's average connection speeds of just six Mbps will hold back the local economy and is exploring ways this can be improved, the East Anglia Daily Times reports.

Chairman of the authority Phillip Dunnett told the newspaper the Better Broadband for Suffolk programme, which aims to improve services in the county, may not have the impact people first hoped for. 

"It was felt that there was a lot of hype about higher broadband speeds … But when it came down to it some rural areas weren’t even achieving two Mbps," he commented. 

The committee will be holding a meeting on the issue on Thursday (September 5th). 

One option they could consider is Tooway satellite broadband, which can provide speeds of up to 20 Mbps in both urban and rural areas.