Design companies 'need quality broadband' header image

Published: 3rd Aug 2011

Businesses operating in the media and design industries could benefit from purchasing satellite broadband.

This is because, according to director of Eclipse Internet Clodagh Murphy, there are many advantages to having high-quality internet connections for these enterprises.

Because uploading speeds are quicker, they can get their files online in a matter of minutes, instead of spending a long time on the job.

This means they are able to focus their attention on their customers and move the company forward, Ms Murphy explained.

"We have seen customers who are in the design and media industries who have had their working life completely transformed as a result of broadband," she continued.

One person who benefitted from a better broadband connection is Rhiannon Frase.

She manages an estate in Cornwall that supplies camping and residential retirement caravan pitches and told the Western Mail how she previously had to copy files to a disk and deliver them to her accountant in person before her internet service was improved.