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Published: 10th Jul 2013

BT has been asked to attend a summit concerning the roll out of super-fast broadband services in the UK. 

The company was contacted by culture secretary Maria Miller, who has also invited a number of smaller internet service providers (ISPs) in a bid to discuss how they can work together to improve Britain's connectivity. 

BT and the government are currently planning to bring super-fast internet to 90 per cent of the country through the Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) project. This scheme was designed to allow ISPs to bid for government funding, which would be used to improve broadband services.

However, BT is the only company to have been awarded a contract through the project and  currently no other firms are eligible to apply. Furthermore, concerns have been raised about who will cater for the final ten per cent of areas, which are due to receive basic connections of at least two Mbps as part of the BDUK scheme.

In a letter sent to smaller ISPs, Ms Miller stated: "There is widespread concern that funding is not being allocated to certain projects because there is not sufficient clarity on which premises actually find themselves in the final ten per cent."

The culture secretary added she is "determined to find a way of remedying this situation", which is the main reason why the summit has been called. 

It is hoped the meeting will allow smaller companies to get the support and information needed to bring improved connections to the remaining ten per cent. The summit will be held on Monday July 15th at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

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Posted by Craig Roberts