Broadband 'revolutionises' business header image

Published: 1st Jul 2011

Many businesses may want to sign up for a satellite broadband service when they hear of how it has benefitted one enterprise.

Speaking to the Western Mail, Rhiannon Fraser explained how a slow connection was hindering the large Cornwall estate she manages, which provides camping and residential retirement caravan pitches.

Ms Fraser told how her previous connection was less than one megabyte per second.

This meant she had to copy accountancy files to a disk and deliver them to the recipient in person, instead of simply emailing them across.

However, she said the enterprise now experiences speeds that are up to 50 times faster than the previous service.

"This has revolutionised the amount of time it takes to upload images to our website, as well as making it far easier to send large files," Ms Fraser stated.

At the end of last month, head of rural business development for the Country Land and Business Association Dr Charles Trotman said broadband is essential for companies if they wish to remain competitive.