More parts of Wales to receive broadband funding header image

Published: 4th Jul 2011

More people living in rural parts of Wales could soon have access to a satellite broadband service.

A £2 million initiative introduced by the Welsh government to provide people with a poor ADSL connection with the money to purchase an alternative is being extended, the BBC reports.

Currently, only those who experience speeds of less than 512 Kbps can take advantage of the Broadband Support Scheme.

However, it will now include remote communities with connections slower than 2 Mbps, the BBC's Eye on Wales has come to understand.

John Snowden, from Cilgerran in north Pembrokeshire, said some people in his village receive speeds of just over 512 Kbps.

He described this as a "real handicap because we need a reasonable number of people to come on to the scheme to make it worthwhile".

However, Cilgerran could now receive money under the new proposals.

This may be good news for many people in Wales, as the Western Mail reported last week that the country is lagging behind places such as Cornwall and Northern Ireland when it comes to broadband provision.