Gloucestershire village 'to miss out on super-fast broadband' header image

Published: 22nd Jul 2013

Residents of Elberton have learned they are not to be included in BT's rollout of super-fast broadband.

The company's fibre optic network will not be extended to the Gloucestershire village as it is not seen as commercially viable, local newspaper the Gazette reports.

Elberton resident Andrew Watkins told the publication people in the area only found out about the decision after he emailed BT regarding the issue.

"This proves South Gloucestershire Council have been misleading the public by saying those served by commercial providers will get super-fast broadband," he stated. 

Mr Watkins also claimed it is unlikely the village will even receive connection speeds of two Mbps, which - according to the government - is the minimum level of service that will be introduced as a result of its Broadband Delivery UK scheme.

An alternative solution for the people of Elberton is satellite broadband, which can provide speeds of 20 Mbps regardless of location.

Posted by Craig Roberts