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Published: 26th Jul 2013

A number of Kent residents are angry that their campaigns for faster internet access may have fallen on deaf ears.

People living in the A25 corridor have created petitions and drummed up support to increase their chances of receiving government funding for broadband improvements, only for a local councillor to reveal this will not be taken into account when the final decision is made, the Westerham Chronicle reports. 

Mark Dance, Kent County Council's cabinet member for economic development, told the newspaper the agreement concerning which areas receive investment will be based on the most realistic engineering solution.

Michael Stokes of Sundridge - one of the locations that may miss out on the funding - expressed his anger and disappointment at the revelation. 

He said he is disgusted by the decision, which confirmed his fear that BT and the council would simply ignore the campaigning efforts of local people.

Satellite broadband is a viable alternative for the residents of the A25 corridor, as it requires no major infrastructural development whatsoever.

Posted by Mark Wynn