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Published: 3rd Jun 2013

Students in a Cornish town are reaping the benefits of super-fast broadband.

Local broadband project Superfast Cornwall has completed a project with a student house in Falmouth to find out how an improved connection could benefit the occupants, local newspaper West Briton reports.

"Super-fast broadband has majorly improved my living" said one of the students Cory Stager. "At home I would have to sit about five feet away from the hub to get any type of internet access and even then the speed was so slow it meant waiting about five minutes per internet page," he added.

Mr Stager said having access to a better internet connection proved to be vital for all of the students in the house. It enabled them to go online anywhere in the property and log on to the web on their different laptops at the same time.

He added that it also means the housemates no longer have to spend time taking a trip to the library to carry out online research.

Commenting on the scheme, Superfast Cornwall project officer Mark Jones said: "It’s a great story of how super-fast broadband’s impact reaches far beyond the established business community and home-users who are streaming TV and films and online gaming."

He claimed having access to better broadband is contributing to the "future-proofing" of Cornwall's skill base as it allows local students to reap the benefits of a "superior learning experience".

Helping young people progress with their studies is just one of the many advantages of super-fast broadband. It can contribute to the success of local businesses, allow people to work from home and make the most of online activities such as video streaming, online gaming, social networking and much more.  

However, many areas of the UK do not have access to this type of connection. Indeed, research by Ofcom earlier this year found that the average broadband speed in rural regions is just 5.1 Mbps, which is well below the 20 Mbps needed for a connection to be super-fast.

Satellite broadband can provide speeds of up to 20 Mbps and is ideally suited to rural areas as it requires no infrastructural investment. Want to know some more? Click here.

Posted by Craig Roberts