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Published: 6th Jun 2013

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) believes the Welsh government could do more to support the rollout of super-fast broadband. 

Emma Watkins, the organisation's director for Wales, believes the country should adopt a similar approach to Scotland, which has developed a specific broadband exploitation strategy to ensure its residents and businesses are able to make the most of being connected. 

Writing for WalesOnline, she commented: "In an increasingly digital and globalised world, it is essential that every person, community and business has the opportunity to benefit from modern digital infrastructure."

Ms Watkins also believes that carrying out a study into the potential advantages of improving broadband connections - as has already been done in Northern Ireland - would be useful, as it could provide solid evidence of the benefits that investing in the technology will bring.

Speaking about the pros of super-fast broadband, she stated: "This has the potential to open up whole parts of Wales not just to the world of e-commerce, but to new growth sectors like software, broadcasting and advanced manufacturing."

Ms Watkins said that local businesses would be able to access new services and applications, while computer back-up, storage and processing will be faster and high-quality video conferencing will be a realistic possibility. 

Meanwhile, everyday use of the internet will also be improved as residents will be able to make the most of social networking sites and the "ever growing boom in entertainment services available online".

While the people of Wales would certainly benefit from the clear broadband strategy Ms Watkins is calling for, this could take some time to come to fruition. 

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Posted by Mike Wynn