Internet users warned about Olympics-themed malware header image

Published: 7th Jul 2011

Homeowners with a Tooway 10Mb broadband connection may want to be extra vigilant regarding malware over the coming months.

Graham Ahearne, Europe, Middle East and Africa technical product manager at Symantec, recently discussed the possibility of Olympics-based attacks.

He explained that in the run-up to the sporting event, it is "highly likely" that criminals will target systems using themed malware.

Natural disasters and other prominent events covered in the news are often utilised in a similar way.

"The general trend is that cyber criminals look at basically what is popular and what will attract an audience's attention," Mr Ahearne stated.

He also said social networking sites are increasingly being used as portals for attacks, while many are taking advantage of shortened URLs.

Mobile broadband users may want to take particular notice of this advice, as director of regional product marketing at Norton Con Mallon recently said more and more cyber criminals are focusing their efforts on devices such as smartphones.