'Significant challenges' remain for EU broadband plans header image

Published: 18th Jun 2013

Significant effort is needed if the European Union's (EU) plans to increase super-fast broadband coverage across the continent are to be achieved. 

This is according to a new report by broadband analyst Point Topic, which claimed a substantial amount of investment is needed if EU targets are to be met. 

The organisation aims for all households to have basic broadband access by 2013 - a target that has now been more or less achieved - and a super-fast connection of 30 Mbps by 2030. 

However, in some nations, such as France, Greece and Italy, high-speed coverage currently stands at less than 25 per cent, meaning there is a lot of work to be done. 

Point Topic estimates that €82 billion (£70 billion) of investment is needed if the EU is to meet its target and more than half of this would need to be spent on improving rural broadband access.

Tim Johnson of the organisation commented: “Most of that amount will have to be funded by the taxpayer in one way or another."

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Posted by Craig Roberts