Cumbria awarded broadband cash from govt header image

Published: 8th Jul 2011

People in Cumbria with a poor ADSL internet connection could soon be surfing the web with ease.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport has awarded the county £16.8 million for the improvement of rural broadband services, the News and Star reports.

Penrith and the Border MP Rory Stewart revealed that when he visited secretary of state Jeremy Hunt in July last year, he was told the region was unlikely to receive a grant.

Therefore, he is very pleased about this latest news, especially as the sum is more than the county was promised when it was first named as the receiver of a fourth national broadband pilot in October.

"Our lobbying paid off and it's a real testament to the skill of Cumbria County Council and its excellent work in preparing the local broadband plan," Mr Stewart stated.

It is not only those living in Cumbria who could see improvements to their internet services. reported last month that local leaders want everyone living in remote parts of Hertfordshire and Gloucestershire to have 2Mbit broadband by March 2015.