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Published: 21st Jun 2013

A local minister has criticised plans for the rollout of super-fast broadband in Cumbria after details of the scheme were revealed earlier this month. 

Tim Farron, South Lakes MP, said he is "incredibly angry" that a number of areas in his constituency have not been included in the initial stage of the project, meaning they may have to wait several years for an improved service.

He told in-cumbria: "The plan was drawn up by the previous Conservative-Labour alliance at county hall. It means that communities in our area could be left till last and the work could take two and half years."

The MP claimed the decision "fails" the people of south Cumbria and has called on BT and Cumbria County Council to rethink the proposals.

"This isn’t a positive plan - it is disadvantaging local residents and businesses in our area. They deserve much better than this," he added.

Mr Farron said the lack of action is set to have a negative impact on the local economy in south Cumbria and expressed his disappointment that the council chose to ignore his warnings about the importance of upgrading connections in the region. 

Details of Cumbria's super-fast rollout were announced on June 14th and £70 million will be spent on the project. It aims to provide 93 per cent of residents in the county with access to high-speed, reliable connections within the next two and a half years.

The scheme is part of the government's Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) initiative, which is tasked with bringing super-fast internet access to 90 per cent of the UK and speeds of at least two Mbps to the remainder. 

However, doubts have been raised about how much of an impact the initiative will have on rural areas, where the need for better internet access is often most severe. 

Earlier this week, broadband website ISPreview suggested many rural locations could fall into the final ten per cent that isn't covered by the BDUK project. 

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Posted by Craig Roberts