Satellite broadband system delayed header image

Published: 25th Jun 2013

A satellite that was to be launched yesterday in an attempt to bring high speed internet to millions of poor people around the world has been delayed.

The O3b module will now not be sent off for at least another 24 hours.

High winds at the project's lift-off site meant that scientists decided not to risk jeopardising the integrity of the satellite.

When it is launched, it is hoped the O3b will be able to provide high speed broadband to people across the Pacific Ocean, Africa, Central America and South East Asia. 

However, the programme will not be available in the UK, as the projected flight path of the module means it will fly roughly around the equator - missing out the British Isles.

O3b chief executive Steve Collar said: "We wanted to fix problems [with slow satellite broadband] and the only way to fix them is to bring the satellites closer to Earth."