MSPs experience power of Avonline satellite broadband header image

Published: 26th Jun 2013

MSPs in Holyrood have been shown how powerful Avonline's satellite broadband offering is in a demonstration.

Working disheswere installed at the parliament building near Edinburgh to show politicians how powerful the service is and how much it could add to the Scottish rural economy, according to the Stornoway Gazette.

Speaking at a briefing for MSPs and business leaders, Avonline managing director Mark Wynn said its services did not need an infrastructure beyond a simple dish and a connection to a network of satellites.

"Due to a lack of awareness and a lack of acceptance, satellite broadband has not yet been allowed to contribute anywhere near its potential to transform lives," he added.

One of the main advantages of satellite broadband is that it can provide rural homeowners in areas not connected to a broadband or fibre-optic line with reliable, fast speeds

Getting the Scottish parliament behind this could prove vital in providing farmers with the utilities they need to enter the digital economy.