O3b launch proves successful header image

Published: 27th Jun 2013

Four O3b satellite broadband modules have been successfully launched into space.

The system was taken up by an advanced Soyuz system, which had an upgraded RD-0124 third stage engine, to a low orbit.

A previous attempt 24 hours earlier had resulted in failure due to high winds - leading to a short delay, although it is still expected the service will come online at some point later this year.

The O3b system will launch high speed broadband - similar to that offered by Avonline - to consumers across poorer countries in Africa, Oceania, Central America and South East Asia.

Many communities in these regions suffer from difficulties in accessing networks because they live in rural areas or because of chronic power and infrastructure failures.

However, it is thought the O3b launch will rectify this issue, although due to its orbital-path, no consumers in North America or Europe will be able to access the utility. UK consumers can, however, still access services from Avonline.