ASA bans misleading Plusnet advert header image

Published: 1st May 2013

Internet service provider (ISP) PlusNet has had one of its adverts banned by the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA). 

The television commercial was judged to provide misleading information about the company's half price broadband offer. 

Viewers complained to the ASA after the advert claimed the promotion was only available to new customers, but then suggested "everyone" could benefit from the discount. 

PlusNet latter confirmed that existing consumers could receive the half price offer and removed the reference to new customers, but the ASA still ruled the commercial to have been misleading.

Other people challenged whether the claim "All broadband's [sic] half off" was inaccurate, because they understood the deal to solely apply to packages that included line rental, while broadband-only services remained at full price.

This complaint was also upheld and the ASA has informed the company that the advert must not appear in its current form again. 

PlusNet is not the only ISP to have had misleading promotions banned by the ASA in recent months. 

Virgin Media has been forced to withdraw two of its adverts after the organisation judged them to contain inaccurate information about its broadband services.

In other news, businesses in Lancashire have been invited to attend free seminars about the advantages of upgrading their internet connection, the Lancashire Telegraph reports.

Mark Chamberlain, who leads the advisory team running the events, said: “Super-fast broadband is about much more than speeding up your email or web browsing.

"It can revolutionise the way you do business in the same way it transformed home entertainment and there’s compelling evidence that companies who use ICT effectively to support growth or improve efficiency gain a real competitive advantage."

He added that by gaining access to super-fast broadband, rural companies are put "on a level playing field" with high-tech business parks throughout the UK.

If you're keen to enjoy the benefits of a faster internet connection but cannot wait for the government rollout, which may not be complete until 2015 or later, Avonline's Tooway satellite broadband service is available now.