Published: 12th Jul 2011

Poor ADSL broadband connections could be preventing people living in rural areas from properly accessing social media, it has been suggested.

According to the Country Land & Business Association (CLA), businesses and communities located in remote parts of the UK are unable to properly communicate with one another due to a lack of quality internet.

Furthermore, they are missing out on developments such as Twitter and Facebook, thus widening the gap between enterprises.

CLA president and Yorkshire landowner William Worsley explained that rural regions need to "get up to speed with their urban counterparts".

This is because digital communications are becoming increasingly important, he claimed.

Discussing those living in Yorkshire, Mr Worsley said: "Residents and businesses here, along with many other rural communities across the UK, are constrained in the use of social media."

Speaking to the Western Mail recently, manager of a large Cornwall estate Rhiannon Fraser explained her company was revolutionised by the introduction of broadband.