Small Welsh firms 'suffering due to poor ADSL' header image

Published: 28th Jun 2011

Small businesses in Wales are struggling to gain access to high-speed internet services and seeing their competitiveness suffer as a result.

The Western Mail reports that the country's plans to address the issue of poor ADSL in some areas is lagging behind those in place in areas such as Cornwall and Northern Ireland.

Spokesman for the Federation of Small Businesses in Wales Simon Evans was quoted by the news source as saying that firms, especially those in rural areas, "are being let down by poor infrastructure and slow broadband speeds".

Satellite broadband, such as that offered by Tooway, could solve the issue, as it gives residential and commercial properties that do not have access to cable or ADSL services the opportunity to receive internet at up to 10Mbps.

"Broadband is not an added luxury but an essential utility such as water and electricity," Mr Evans added, noting it is crucial for small businesses in rural areas that want to take advantage of the "global marketplace".

Earlier this month, the Wales Internet Service Providers Association launched a new initiative aimed at boosting access to high-speed internet in the Cardiff area, according to the Daily Post.