UK 'blames EU' for delaying urban broadband funding header image

Published: 9th May 2013

The project director for the government's Urban Broadband Fund (UBF) scheme has blamed the EU for delaying the project's progress. 

Speaking at the recent Ultra-Connected Smart Cities Seminar, which was held by the Independent Networks Cooperative Association (INCA), Iain Bennett said Brussels is holding back funding approvals and forcing selected cities to “urgently find a plan B“, ISP review reports.

The UBF aims to improve the number of high-speed internet connections in the UK's major urban areas and provide a good level of Wi-Fi access in public spaces. 

Mr Bennett said the EU will not allow state aid to be given to the project without a "long and tedious" examination taking place first. 

He claimed this will take the scheme "out of time" and may deter external investors such as BT. 

Earlier this year, a survey by uSwitch found that there are large discrepancies between broadband speeds within UK cities. 

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Posted by Mark Wynn