Broadband customers 'reluctant to recommend' their ISP header image

Published: 13th May 2013

Less than half of broadband customers would recommend their internet service provider (ISP), a new survey has found. 

A poll by website ISPreview discovered that only 48 per cent of respondents would definitely advise someone to sign up with their current ISP. 

Just under a third (32 per cent) said they would not recommend their service, while the remaining 20 per cent claimed they were unsure. 

Exactly half of the people surveyed stated they were happy with the speed and reliability of their ISP. More than a fifth (22 per cent) claimed their broadband performance was average, while 27.8 per cent said it was poor. 

The survey also highlighted a wide level of dissatisfaction with the support service provided by ISPs. 

Only 45 per cent of broadband users rated this as good, 30.2 per cent claimed it was average and the final 24.6 per cent viewed it as poor. 

Price is also a concern, with more than a quarter of respondents (26.9 per cent) believing their service to be expensive.

Around half (46.3 per cent) of people claimed the cost of their broadband connection was average, while 26.7 per cent said it represented good value.

Earlier this year, ISPreview carried out a similar study, which found that close to two-thirds of users are happy with their provider. 

However, this new research shows that a significantly smaller amount would actually recommended the service to a friend or relative.

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