Satellite broadband 'available anywhere' header image

Published: 13th Jul 2011

One of the advantages of satellite broadband is that it is available "anywhere".

This is according to product director at Michael Phillips, who discussed the benefits of the technology.

As well as being on offer to most consumers, no matter what their location, satellite solutions guarantee speeds in excess of 1 Mbps, he explained.

This is ideal for those who like to watch programmes online using services such as BBC iPlayer, as this will not function on a slow connection, Mr Phillips stated.

He also pointed out that while BT's ADSL network reaches 99 per cent of homes, speeds are often poor.

"If you're looking at advantages, [satellite broadband is] filling in where other providers can't help," the expert concluded.

Last month, Avanti - the company that launched the Hylas 1 superfast broadband satellite - suggested local authorities should prioritise the provision of satellite broadband to the most remote parts of the UK.