Broadband customers 'confused by contracts' header image

Published: 20th May 2013

A high number of UK broadband customers are confused about the terms of their contract, according to a new survey. 

Research by uSwitch found that eight out of ten users are unsure about the terms of their contract and feel trapped. Almost half of these people have no idea when their contract ends, while nearly a third are unhappy with their broadband provider but do not know when they are free to leave.

This research has led uSwitch to call on Ofcom to force internet service providers (ISPs) to ensure they provide information that will allow customers to understand their contracts. 

It wants ISPs to send reminder letters and emails out to consumers before their contracts end and to automatically display information on users' online accounts. 

"This information is crucial if consumers are to get the best deals and not end up paying more than they need to," commented Marie-Louise Abretti, broadband expert at uSwitch.

"We urge Ofcom to drag broadband providers in line with energy suppliers and help consumers to feel empowered when it comes to their bills."

Posted by Craig Roberts