Parents 'must be aware of internet risks' header image

Published: 14th Jul 2011

Parents with a Tooway broadband connection must be aware of the potential risks facing their children when they surf the internet.

This is according to chief executive officer of Childnet International Will Gardner, who said mums and dads must have some knowledge of the dangers.

However, he reminded individuals that "the positives of the internet far outweigh the negatives".

Mr Gardner claimed parents should not be scared of allowing their youngsters to go online, but instead simply require the skills that allow them to monitor the sites they look at in an effective way.

This will enable them to "look after themselves and others", he stated, adding that older generations should also be encouraged to use Facebook so they are familiar with the concept.

They can even ask their kids for tips on using social media sites, the expert concluded.

Earlier this month, a survey conducted by Bullguard revealed 55 per cent of parents check their child's social networking page.