Social networking 'boosts brand awareness' header image

Published: 15th Jul 2011

Entrepreneurs using a satellite broadband connection to run their own business from home may not want to miss out on the opportunities provided by social media.

Tim Gibbon, director at communications consultancy Elemental, said these kinds of websites are vital for companies if they wish to boost brand awareness.

If firms take the time to select suitable metrics and effectively manage the analysis of their operations, they can also determine how successful their online strategy has been, he continued.

Mr Gibbon noted that social networking sites "allow the global reach of brands to create awareness and sell products and services quicker and more cost-effectively than before".

Furthermore, communications and marketing are "seamlessly" combined, the expert added, with activity consolidated across more than one channel.

His comments come after a survey conducted by Proskauer's International Labor & Employment Group found 76 per cent of enterprises use social networking for business purposes.