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Published: 23rd Apr 2013

Super-fast broadband is now available in Weymouth, eight months later than expected.

BT had planned to upgrade the Dorset town's internet connection to coincide with last summer's Olympic Games, due to sailing events being hosted in the area.

However, local homes and businesses have had to wait much longer than expected for the improved service.

In 2011, BT announced that 20,000 premises would be connected to its super-fast fibre optic network by the summer of 2012.

Last week, 9,000 of these finally received the upgraded service, while the remaining 11,000 are expected to be connected in the coming weeks.

BT has blamed a ban on construction work in the run-up to the event for delaying the project.

A spokesperson for the company told the BBC: "When we make an initial announcement about a location we try to give as accurate information as possible on specific dates, but it is important to bear in mind these indications are usually a year or more ahead.

"These dates can move back and forward, they can change either way."

In August of last year, local businesses in Weymouth claimed the area's Olympic legacy is being "stifled" by the lack of broadband progress.

Mickey Jones, chief executive of DJ property, said he is keen to have access to the new service.

He commented: "We were told we were going to get this fabulous infrastructure so what you do as a businesses business? person is you tell everybody to promote yourself.

"Then you look like a bit of a Charlie when your provider turns round and says you'll have to wait."

Elsewhere in Dorset, there are concerns that super-fast broadband might not become available in the north of the county after only five per cent of residents in the area have del registered an interest in receiving public funding for the work, according to Dorset County Council.

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Posted by Craig Roberts