Burton pensioner 'suffers with poor broadband connection' header image

Published: 29th Apr 2013

A housebound pensioner in Burton-on-Trent has complained about the quality of his broadband service.

Sam Hutchings relies on his internet connection to stay in contact with friends and shop for items online.

However, he claimed his BT broadband service is so slow it can take up to half an hour to download something, the Burton Mail reports.

"I’m stuck in the house all the time and the broadband and the TV are the only two things I use. If it doesn’t work, I lose everything," Mr Hutchings stated.

The 87-year-old said he has repeatedly complained to BT but has been told that because he is served by the nearby Tutbury exchange, there is nothing the company can do.

Last Christmas his connection was down for five weeks, leaving Mr Hutchings cut off from the outside world.

A BT spokesperson has since claimed an engineer will visit Mr Hutchings' home to try and solve the problem.

If you live in area that is poorly served by the major internet service providers, satellite broadband is an excellent alternative.

Posted by Craig Roberts