Lack of broadband in Essex is

Published: 20th Jul 2011

People living in Essex with a poor ADSL connection may agree with one man's comments that the situation is "frustrating".

Earlier this week, around 100 of the county's parish councils met to discuss internet provision in the area, the BBC reports.

Speaking at the Essex Broadband Implementation Conference, which took place in Coggeshall, chairman of Langford and Ulting Parish Council Andrew Tween said the current situation is far from ideal.

"A number of our villagers don't have broadband because they don't see the sense of paying out for it when they can't gain access to it," he continued.

Keith Brown from the Essex branch of the Federation of Small Businesses supported these comments, adding that local enterprises would benefit from an improvement to internet services.

Earlier this week, EADT 24 quoted chairman of Essex Association of Local Councils John Buchanan as saying the dial-up connections in some parts of Essex are "prehistoric".