Ofcom finds 16 per cent of UK internet users make illegal downloads header image

Published: 8th Mar 2013

Ofcom has published a new report into online copyright infringement, which found more than one in ten UK internet users make illegal downloads.

The communications watchdog found that 16 per cent of people who go online consumed at least one item of illegal content between August and October 2012. Five per cent of internet users "exclusively consumed illegal content".

Ofcom's report focused on the six main types of online - music, film, TV programmes, books, video games and computer software - and assessed the level of infringement for each.

The amount of illegal activity varied considerably by content type. Music is the most popular for downloads, with ten per cent of internet users aged 12 and above having illegally received a music file. Around six per cent had done so for films.

A possible cause for this level of copyright infringement is that 41 per cent of users said they were "not particularly confident" or "not at all confident" of what is and what is not legal online.

Posted by Mark Wynn