Ofcom figures reveal broadband satisfaction levels header image

Published: 21st Jul 2011

A Tooway Broadband connection could be an alternative option for those who are dissatisfied with their current internet provider.

New Ofcom research has revealed whether or not Brits are happy with the service they experience when browsing the web.

Five major broadband providers were analysed and it was discovered that TalkTalk/Tiscali customers were the least satisfied of all.

A total of 52 per cent claimed to be happy with the service they received, while 23 per cent revealed they were dissatisfied. A further 25 per cent remained neutral.

Following closely behind was Virgin Media, as 20 per cent of its consumers were dissatisfied, with 56 per cent being happy and 24 per cent staying neutral.

For those who are looking to change provider, a satellite broadband service could be the solution.

Product director at Broadbandchoices.co.uk Michael Phillips recently said this type of connection guarantees speeds in excess of 1 Mbps and is available no matter what an individual's location.