Fibre-based broadband rollout 'may not be super-fast' header image

Published: 13th Mar 2013

Local authorities that have pledged to rollout new fibre-based broadband services may not provide super-fast speeds, according to ISPreview.

The website has claimed that some local councils may be proving potentially misleading information and areas in line for broadband improvements could receive download speeds of just two Mbp/s rather than a super-fast service of 25 Mbp/s or more.

It claims that recent marketing strategies from internet service providers have led to people associating the terms 'fibre broadband' and 'fibre optic' with high download speeds. However, this is not the case, as fibre-based services can provide speeds as low as two Mbp/s, which cannot be classified as super-fast.

ISPreview points to a recent announcement from the Connecting Cambridgeshire project as evidence of this. The council-run scheme said it aims to bring fibre-based broadband to 98 per cent of homes and businesses in the county by the end of 2015. However, only 90 per cent of these connections will be super-fast, with the remaining eight per cent receiving speeds that will be a minimum of two Mbp/s.

While the announcement does make it clear that not all of the premises in the rollout will receive high-speed broadband, ISPreview claims the terminology has still led to confusion, with many reports only referring to "super-fast" alongside the 98 per cent figure.

It claims the use of words like 'fibre-based' or 'fibre optic' is making life "increasingly difficult for consumers", who expect any service with these terms in its name to provide super-fast speeds.

The website claimed it would like to see the terms limited so they are only used alongside services that take fibre optic cable all the way to a home, but concludes such a change is unlikely.

If you are worried that the rollout of fibre-based broadband may not provide the connection speeds you are hoping for, satellite broadband could be a viable alternative. The Tooway service provided by Avonline provides speeds of 20 Mbp/s and installation takes no longer than ten days after an order is placed.

Posted by Craig Roberts