Cheltenham's broadband service is 'falling behind' header image

Published: 25th Mar 2013

Broadband services in Cheltenham are falling behind the rest of the county, according to a local resident.

Author Amber Astron-Christo has been waiting for five months for BT to install a wireless internet connection at her home and claimed nearby businesses have been without a connection for close to a year.

Her comments come just days after Cheltenham Borough Council announced it will be working alongside BT to roll out super-fast broadband in rural areas of Gloucestershire.

However, Ms Astron-Christo told the Gloucestershire Echo she is worried that internet services in the town will be left behind.

She commented: "At the moment, I am trying to promote a book, but it has been made difficult for me to communicate with people to set up meetings. My son is also struggling to do his school work because we don't have the internet."

Ms Astron-Christo claimed she had asked for an upgrade to her BT broadband package in November, but is still waiting for it to be installed. She said it is "quite obvious" BT "doesn't have the numbers" to effectively improve connections throughout the county.

Posted by Mark Wynn