Number of internet viruses exploding, says expert header image

Published: 25th Jul 2011

Many people with a Tooway 10 broadband connection may want to take one expert's comments into account when it comes to security.

Graham Ahearne, Europe, Middle East and Africa technical product manager at Symantec, said the amount of malware experienced by internet users is "exploding" all the time.

As a result, he suggested new strategies are required to keep up with the growing number of threats.

"One of the key things is that traditional anti-virus [software] and its reactive nature of protection is becoming less and less exclusively capable of protecting machines," Mr Ahearne continued.

He also pointed out that security companies are constantly updating their products.

Some add more than 20,000 new signatures to their anti-virus definitions every day, meaning older versions quickly go out of date.

Earlier this month, Mr Ahearne discussed Olympics-related malware and suggested there could be an increase in the circulation of this type of attack in the run-up to the sporting event.