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Published: 8th Feb 2013

Avonline Broadband has launched a new super-fast service by increasing its download speeds to 20 Mbp/s.

The company, which is the UK’s largest supplier of the Tooway satellite broadband service, has raised the speed on all of its packages. It has also introduced unlimited data allowances on three of its services.

Mark Wynn, managing director of Avonline, said: "The expansion of data allowances with unlimited data options on three packages also allows users to take full advantage of the many online entertainment services now available."

The company's packages can be purchased from £16.95 per month and the absolute package has a monthly cost of £64.95.

Avonline's enhanced satellite broadband is able to provide super-fast internet anywhere in the UK, with no need for infrastructure investment. This means even areas that have been labelled a broadband 'notspot' or 'slowspot' can now be connected.

Mr Wynn said: "These new 20Mbp/s high-speed options mean fast reliable broadband is already available to anyone in the UK today."

Satellite broadband has received government support, as science minister David Willetts told the House of Commons in December it was an "essential means to deliver faster internet access for rural communities, businesses and individuals".

With the release of its new high-speed packages, Avonline believes it can now deliver the 'broadband for all' vision, which was set out by the House of Lords Communications Committee last year.

Mr Wynn stated: "Our next generation satellite broadband services are now substantially better than the ADSL services available to millions of UK homes and businesses."

He added that people in areas with a poor internet connection need no longer suffer "an indefinite wait" for fibre or cable broadband, as a high-speed satellite connection is available today and only requires a small 74 cm dish and modem.

Mr Wynn claimed that the promises of traditional copper or fibre cable providers are now "redundant", as Avonline can bring super-fast internet to remote locations simply by installing a small satellite dish and modem.

He said that unlike traditional cable-based broadband, a 20 Mbp/s connection from a satellite can deliver a true 20 Mbp/s download speed, making it easier for users to download files and stream videos.

One Avonline customer, John Sykes of Huddersfield, said satellite broadband had "revolutionised" his life by providing a fast and reliable connection.

He added: "It makes it possible for me to easily transact business from home, which was always extremely difficult before. Now I can send and receive meaty files quickly and easily."

Another of the company's customers, self-employed IT consultant David Borley, described the service as "brilliant".

He said Avonline's broadband is much faster than his previous provider and is "entirely reliable". He added that he had never experienced any downtime or reduction in connection speed at any point.

The Tooway service is delivered by KaSat, a part of the Eutelsat global fleet of satellites, and beams high-speed broadband across the whole of the UK. Avonline customers can also gain access to free telephone calls via the internet and subscription-free HD TV through their package.

Posted by Craig Roberts