BDUK 'is biased towards BT' header image

Published: 14th Feb 2013

The government's Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) scheme is biased towards BT, according to Isle of Wight-based internet service provider (ISP) WightFibre.

It claims the scheme makes it difficult for smaller ISPs to compete with large businesses.

John Irvine, chief executive officer of WightFibre, told Island Pulse: "The government’s procurement framework is biased in favour of BT and prevents local island networks like WightFibre from bidding."

Currently BT and Fujitsu are the only ISPs to have been approved by the BDUK scheme. However, only BT has actually been awarded contracts to carry out broadband improvements.

It is widely predicted the Isle of Wight Council will choose BT to bring super-fast broadband to the island, as it recently received approval for £3 million of BDUK funding.

However, Mr Irvine claims that even without financial support, WightFibre will still be able to provide high-speed internet "years ahead" of BT.

He said the public should "ask the council why it is wasting their money in this way".

Posted by Mark Wynn