Bad weather delays BT broadband in Shropshire header image

Published: 18th Feb 2013

BT has blamed bad weather for delays in introducing super-fast broadband to an area of north Shropshire.

The village of Baschurch and the surrounding area will now receive high-speed internet a year later than was originally planned, the BBC reports.

Baschurch was one of ten areas to win BT's 'Race To Infinity' in January 2011, which aimed to connect areas that had the most demand for super-fast broadband but were not scheduled for an upgrade.

While some homes were connected last year, the majority will now have to wait until April.

BT apologised to villagers for the delay, saying the heavy rain experienced throughout last year had interrupted the laying of underground fibre optic cables needed to deliver super-fast broadband.

Ian Binks of BT said: "We had to make a decision, do we deliver on our promises or go for something cheaper and easier? We chose to honour our promises."

Posted by Craig Roberts