ADSL connections 'still slow' header image

Published: 27th Jul 2011

The majority of people in the UK still have poor ADSL connections, new research has revealed.

Conducted by Ofcom, the study shows 75 per cent of those with residential broadband have it delivered by a copper ADSL telephone line.

Although internet speeds across Britain as a whole are increasing, the service received by these individuals is dependent on the length and quality of the line.

The regulatory body found average UK broadband speeds improved from 6.3Mbps in November/December last year to 6.8Mbps this May.

However, the average download speeds for those with copper lines was 6.6Mbps, with many individuals experiencing speeds of less than 4Mbps.

This could encourage them to consider adopting a Tooway 10 broadband connection, as this satellite solution provides a far more predictable service.

Earlier this month, Ofcom launched a new interactive UK broadband map, compiled using data such as average take-up in different regions, availability of superfast networks and average actual speeds for ADSL connections.