Funding for Welsh rural broadband to stop header image

Published: 21st Feb 2013

People in rural areas of Wales will suffer as a result of funding for broadband being cut, according to an IT expert.

Rory McGough, from IT specialists Catalyst Systems in Denbigh, has expressed concerns about the impact of the Welsh government's decision to stop a grant supporting broadband in rural locations.

For the past two years, residents in areas without access to broadband have received funding of £1,000. However, it will no longer be available after this spring, the Denbighshire Free Press reports.

The grant, called the Broadband Support Scheme, provides money for users who have connection speeds of less than 2 Mbp/s to have their internet supplied by alternative methods such as satellite broadband.

Mr McGough said many people have only become aware of the grant after hearing the news that it is going to be cut.

He claimed the rollout of high-speed fibre optic broadband won't reach rural areas, meaning local residents will have to travel into towns just to access the internet.

Posted by Mark Wynn