Service providers 'should be forced to advertise correct speeds' header image

Published: 28th Jul 2011

People who currently have a poor ADSL connection may agree that service providers must advertise actual broadband speeds.

William Worsley, president of the Country Land and Business Association (CLA), explained many members of his organisation that have access to broadband services have concerns about unfairly advertised connections.

He said providers must be encouraged to change their marketing schemes if this problem is to be resolved.

"It is clear this issue will not go away unless internet service providers are forced to provide clear information on the speed that will actually be received," Mr Worsley continued.

If companies cannot deliver on their claims, they should ensure the cost of the service they offer is reduced, the expert concluded.

Earlier this month, CLA director Ben Underwood suggested a lack of quality broadband in the UK is currently hindering business growth for enterprises that wish to establish themselves in rural locations.

In particular, it is a barrier for remote enterprises in Wales, he stated.