Could satellite broadband help employees working from home? header image

Published: 2nd Jun 2011

Satellite broadband could be a useful purchase for office employees in case they ever have to work from home.

Following the recent ash cloud that occurred as a result of a volcanic eruption in Iceland, senior product manager of IP multimedia at Virgin Media Business Alistair McKinnon said enterprises need to have contingency plans in place.

These will enable them to deal with any unforeseen disruptions where deadlines and meetings could be missed.

He recommended "embracing remote collaboration tools" that enable staff members to work from home.

These include videoconferencing, teleconferencing and desktop sharing, Mr McKinnon explained.

Satellite broadband could be perfect for use with such technology, as its superfast internet speeds may mean individuals are able to take part in live chats without any disruption or slowing down of the network.

His comments come after a poll conducted by Virgin found 64 per cent of businesses are now providing employees with the tools to work away from the office.