Broadband targets slip in Bradley Stoke header image

Published: 8th Jan 2013

Poor ADSL connections remain a problem in the South Gloucestershire town of Bradley Stoke, with the local council and BT both falling behind on their plans to deliver improved broadband to the area.

The rollout was expected to take place at the beginning of December 2012 but has now been pushed back to the end of January 2013, according to reports in the Bradley Stoke Journal.

Contractual issues between BT and Broadband Delivery UK are to blame for the delay, while a need to rethink the delivery model after Swindon Borough Council pulled out of the partnership has also been cited as an issue.

Around 2,000 properties in the area eligible for the upgrade are currently receiving speeds of less than 2Mbps, compared to a national average of 9Mbps, the news provider claims.

Some £530 million has been allocated to Broadband Delivery UK as part of a rural broadband scheme aimed at reducing the technology gap between the town and the country.

Posted by Craig Roberts