Desktop computers 'not being replaced by tablets' header image

Published: 3rd Jun 2011

Plenty of people could be thinking of purchasing satellite broadband for their home computer.

This is because, according to marketing director at Roddy McLean, PCs are not yet going out of fashion.

He acknowledged the rapid growth of portable devices, such as tablets and smartphones, but claimed they will not replace desktop machines.

Instead, they will "actually serve to complement them", Mr McLean stated.

The expert also pointed out that individuals use their PCs in many different ways, seeing them as the "hub in their computer ecosystem" to store photos, video and data.

Indeed, research conducted by revealed 25 per cent of respondents have traditional PCs, making them the most commonly owned type of computer.

Brits may also want to use their desktop machines and satellite broadband service to make online shopping purchases from sites such as eBay.

The auction domain recently claimed many people experience patchy coverage and slow connection speeds when trying to buy items using their smartphones.