Broadband cable damage affects Isle of Wight  header image

Published: 11th Jan 2013

Damage to an underwater broadband cable laid between Portsmouth and Ryde has affected hundreds of broadband and phone users on the Isle of Wight, with the problem especially evident in the Calbourne area.

Around 600 customers on exchanges in Newport and Freshwater found their broadband connection cut, reports Isle of Wight Radio.

A BT spokesperson said they have been working since yesterday morning to repair the damage, with many services already restored, and suggested that all customers should see the problems solved in the near future.

"We are sorry for the obvious inconvenience, our engineers are working as quickly as they can and we are also investigating the cause of the damage," they added.

Talk Talk customers were among those affected by damage to the underwater cable, although a recent issue with Sky's broadband service was unconnected to the incident.

Isle of Man residents suffering with inconsistent internet services may wish to consider Tooway broadband, as the satellite broadband service is specifically designed for rural areas.

Posted by Mark Wynn