Internet 'can be effective research tool'  header image

Published: 11th Jan 2013

The internet should be seen as a potential tool for schoolchildren trying to research and learn more about a topic, although parents and teachers should also be aware of its possibility to distract them from homework, an expert has claimed.

Chris Davies, who runs the Learning and New Technologies Research Group at the University of Oxford Education Department, suggested that many parents are ambivalent about the role the internet plays in their children's lives.

Writing in the Guardian, he noted that the majority of children who suffered from poor ADSL connections felt they were being left behind by their peers.

While this should be addressed, Mr Davies stressed that an equally important measure is "the provision of support from school for learners and parents alike in making effective use of the internet for homework, whether this is done at home or in school".

A new breakdown of figures from the Office of National Statistics recently showed that a third of disadvantaged children have no internet access.

Posted by Craig Roberts