UK 'signs up to online safety plan' header image

Published: 28th Jan 2013

The UK government has reiterated its commitment to online security after signing up to an initiative set up to encourage countries across the globe to work together in order to avoid cyber attacks.

Known as the World Economic Forum's (WEF) Partnering for Cyber Resilience initiative, the scheme will involve many of the EU's member states cooperating with each other.

UK cabinet office minister Francis Maude considers cyber hacking to be one of the top four threats facing the country as satellite broadband and other technologies make it easier for Britons to get online, reports BBC News.

"Only by working together can we ensure the world can continue to realise the benefits of the internet," he added.

Although hacking is already illegal this plan will ensure that EU countries are aware of the constantly-evolving threat and able to use the most up-to-date methods to counter it, Mr Maude suggested.

A study compiled by senior security consultant Tom Neaves and Trustwave European, Middle East and Africa director John Yeo recently suggested that cyber security should be a boardroom issue.

Posted by Mark Wynn