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Published: 3rd Dec 2012

Access to superfast broadband will become a utility taken like water and electricity in developed countries over the coming years, according to an expert.

Tim Johnson, chief analyst at broadband research specialists Point Topic, told UK Authority that more than 50 per cent of European homes can receive superfast broadband.

However, rural areas throughout the continent are estimated only to have around 12 per cent superfast coverage as a whole.

"Broadband is going to be on a par with water and electricity in terms of how much people need it and how much difference it makes to their lives," said Mr Johnson.

Given how disadvantaged homes without this service will be, isolated properties could consider investing in Tooway satellite broadband - which is specially designed to service rural homes.

This follows a report from the Welsh government stressing the importance of closing the country's broadband gap.

Posted by Justin McKenzie