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Published: 5th Dec 2012

The coming years are likely to see the Internet of Things becoming more of a reality as poor ADSL connections are replaced by superfast ones and the web takes over more services, according to an expert.

Justin McKeown , senior lecturer in fine art at York St John University and member of the Internet of Things Council think tank, told the Metro that the process is going to result in significant technological changes.

He suggested that it will have broad applications across different fields, with one example being the ability of smartphones to monitor the health of their owner.

"Imagine trying to explain a microwave oven to someone who has just discovered fire. That’s how significant a change we're facing," Mr McKeown concluded.

Richard Houston, strategy director at Wolff Olins, recently suggested that the UK's ongoing rollout of 4G connections could lead to a revolutionary change in how the internet is accessed.

Posted by Justin McKenzie